Sound design

Living in sound space

Sound design and sound effects are an integral part of my passion for sound illustration.
Above all, it’s a desire and a know-how focused on the ability to create or recreate realistic or imaginary atmospheres that will give another meaning to the image or scene.
Supporting the plot, adding an extra dimension and supporting the actors, the camera or the director, while respecting the spirit of the work, are the qualities necessary for successful sound design.
This includes the musicality of sound atmospheres, the realism of sound effects, the choice of sounds used and a willingness to renew ideas, as well as genuine collaboration with the director.

Sound design is used in film, video, art installations, video games, advertising and, of course, theater. It brings a lively, palpable dimension to the works that borrow its resources, whether to illustrate a tangible point, effectively support an action, or add conceptual or illustrative depth.

For these services, I have at my disposal sound banks that I have built myself over time or purchased as required, but I also carry out the initial sound recording, editing and creation of very specific sound effects to reveal all the intensity of the moments and their underlying intentions.

Some extracts and examples:

31 Comédie (musicale)

Written by Gaétan Borg and Stéphane Laporte

Directed by Virginie Lemoine

With : Carole Deffit, Valérie Zaccomer, Alexandre Faitrouni et Fabian Richard
Music : Stéphane Corbin
Set : Grégoire Lemoine
Costumes : Cécilia Sebaoun
Lights : Denis Koransky
Sound design + musical arrangements* : Sebastien Angel


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Chagrin pour soi

Written by Sophie Forte et Virginie Lemoine

Directed by Virginie Lemoine assisted by Laury André

With : Sophie Forte, William Mesguich et Tchavdar Pentchev
Music : Stéphane Corbin
Set : Grégoire Lemoine
Lights : Denis Koransky
Additional music and Sound design : Sebastien Angel
Choreographer : Wilfried Bernard


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Cinema Max Linder, Paris


Other projects

(In no particular order: Le Bal, directed by Virginie Lemoine, Naestro, directed by Stéphane Laporte and choreographed by Marjorie Ascione, work for UCPA, etc.).