It all began with a whisper. Like grains of sand on a dune, dancing in a wind that was about to sweep me away in its tumult. Dreaming of musical conquests and adoring mythology and legends, composing themes for the ancient gods of ancient Greece was an obvious choice that has stayed with me ever since.
Happy with my 9,000 subscribers and 3,000,000 views, my main satisfaction lies in the fact that some people are waiting for my next piece and are kind enough to let me know.
I’ve started exploring mythical universes, and I intend to continue by taking my instruments to other continents, and continuing to tell stories in my own way.

As you might have noticed, I’m fond of orchestral music, film music, trying to listen to more and more soundtracks, OST for cinema, videogames, television, series and so on. Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Dany Elfman, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, James Horner, Alan Menken… But not only.
My first conscious musical crush was The Beatles when I was 12 and after my father put that needle on the vinyl.
And then, the Who, Led Zeppelin a little later, but also Cream, Ten Years After, Queen, Guns and Roses… And all this brought me to the guitar that became my instrument of choice. Classical, Folk Acoustic, Electric.
I also love Metal in many forms and I played in the extreme mathcore band Nostradamus0014, produced by Kurt Ballou and Fred Kevorkian (The White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Sonny Rollins, Phish, Willie Nelson).
With Lowmilk, I embark on a French tour with Archive, which ends with the Zénith de Paris.

In a word, music is my life. (4 words actually).


Now a few words about technique – because my producer / gear addict part loves to talk about it.

I compose original music, produce it, mix it, for my clients or myself (because who comes back home and stops working on what they love ?), and I also work on musical arrangements, play the guitar, bass and percussions, program a lot and own a gazillion musical libraries and virtual instruments.
I also work with video, motion graphics and graphic design all the time which makes me rather efficient when it comes to working on a big 360 project.