What a thrilling sensation to vibrate to the sound of Hephaestus‘ forge, to fly alongside Hermes, to tremble before the blinding power of Zeus, to fear Ares and his wrath, to swoon before the luminous beauty of Aphrodite, to feel the wood and its herbs at the sound of Artemis‘ footsteps, shudder at Poseidon‘s giant, immortal waves, be blinded by Apollo‘s solar perfection, admire Queen Hera, tremble at Hades and his monster Cerberus, exult in Demeter‘s infinite powers and feel Hestia‘s warmth, dripping with Dionysus’ libations as you admire shimmering Mount Olympus crowned with divine fire.
Such was the world one day, populated by diaphanous wonders and dark fears that I exult in recounting with my notes and musical tributes. 16 tracks to celebrate the figures who founded our beliefs and our histories, with passion.

I hope you will enjoy listening to my pieces as much as I enjoyed making them.